Working On My Fitness (Goals)

A little background on where I have been on this fitness journey...
My best friend Ashley and I at our senior prom.
Weight 165 lbs. 

Enjoying a s'more at our Theta bonfire.
Weight 125 lbs.
After my loss of 45 lbs in 2006. 
I was semi-athletic in high school and dabbled in track, swimming and cheerleading. However, I didn't have a care in the world about eating healthy and quickly gained 50 pounds from my senior year of high school through my sophomore year of college. I struggled with bulimia as well. I made a choice to be healthier if I was to live. I walked to work and class, ran as often as I could, and obsessively watched what I ate. I lost 45 pounds in a year and a half.

I have continued to make healthier food choices, but still struggle as I love all food. I have also fluctuated in weight several times since losing my first bit of weight, but made a choice in January 2011 to become healthy and fit for my wedding in October 2011. I began the Couch to 5K program and completed it along with 11 5K races in 2011. In January 2012, I was coaxed by family and friends to take my running to another level and try a half marathon. I completed two half marathons in 2012. I'm currently training for a full 26.2 in May 2013. What I have learned through my "running journey" is you have to fuel your body with the right food and hydration to power through a hard day of work, a workout and all the other things life throws at you.
After my first 5K after completing the Couch to 5K program
in May 2011.
Weight 150 lbs. 
Completing my first half marathon in May 2012 in Joplin, Mo.
Weight 143 lbs.
My ultimate fitness goal is to become the healthiest I can be prior to pregnancy. I have a few phobias that began at an early age related to weight gain, pregnancy and children but I am hoping that by making smart choices in food now and working on becoming the healthiest I can be, I can continue to be healthy with children.

Goals for 2013:

1. Finish 26.2 miles at the Lincoln marathon in May 2013.
2. Lose 2 percent body fat by incorporating 2 days per week of weight training.
3. Exercise consistently five days per week.
4. Meal plan with clean eating choices (4 days per week) each month.
5. more to come...


  1. Such an inspiration.
    I have a very similar story!
    I lost over 40 lbs but I've gained it back. :(
    So my weight loss journey continues!
    I'm really glad I found you! You are great motivation!

  2. Thank you Suzi! I hope I am an inspiration to others. We're all in it together!