Monday, November 29, 2010

The run of my far

It.was.hard. I did finish; I walked a little, but I finished the 5K "Turkey Trot". It was also 19 degrees with a windchill of 6 degrees at 9 am on Thanksgiving Day.
Christina, Todd's sister, and I warming up in the casino before the run.
I also LOVED it. I felt so good after doing it. I thought it can't be too hard when the weather is actually tolerable. There were also hundreds of runners. I couldn't believe this many people really were into running.  And believe me all types of people, which gives us "beginners" some hope that we can eventually do okay at a race.

I finished in the last 25 percent I would guess. Christina and other friends I saw just blew me out of the water, but I know if I keep trying (I only had a few weeks of practice) and go to more races, I'll do better. Or as my brother said to me, "Well that's only a 10 minute mile Melissa!" Ha, coming from a marathon runner, I'd sure like to know his secrets! :)

And I finished!
Jessica Lackey, a good friend from Highland, wearing her T-day garb while running! She's such a sport!
I had a good time, felt great, and felt even better that I did some hard work before I ate lots of turkey!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm a lucky gal

This week has started off great! It actually, kind of, started Saturday when I was Todd's lucky charm for hunting. It was supposed to be my turn since he already got his biggest Missouri buck with his bow. We went out at 6 am to this little sweet spot perched up on top of a corn field looking down into a treeline and timber/CRP beyond that. Around 6:45 am, we spotted the first deer 125 yards down and I got the rifle ready. He looked into the scope, and literally said, "Oh, Melissa, can I please. He's a monster!" So being the "I-am-only-out-here-freezing-my-butt-off-for-you" gal that I am, I was like, "Go for it!" He  nailed him, and boy, I have not seen Todd that excited EVER. He was like a kid in a candy store. All he could talk about for 24 hours was that buck. Here is a pic of us back at the house. (And yes, I did wear real camo made for ladies!)

Unofficially, this buck scored 167. That's pretty good for where we live in Missouri.
I then had a great MK open house on Sunday with several very loyal and loved customers. I then headed to the annual Mayors' Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday night. This was the event I put together for two years while at Second Harvest Community Food Bank and remember quite well the stress of making sure 500 or so guests had a good time. It was done very well and at the end, after putting in one ticket, I won the wine and cheese basket from Cabot Cheese and Smooth Endings (our new wine specialty store in St. Joseph). We haven't opened the Cabernet yet, but I'm thinking Friday evening might be a good day.

Who doesn't love Cabot Cheese? It is so good! And a good wine is extra special with it!

I then scored my first "win" with working for CAP. I got Starbucks donated to us for the Partnerships Tour next week. Yes, that is quite small, but hey you have to start somewhere in fundraising!

And lastly, for this post anyway, Todd made me breakfast this morning! What a sweet guy! He's so good.

God is good! Many blessings this week to be thankful for!

Until next time...

Friday, November 19, 2010

From Couch to 5K--The Transformation

I'm not sure everyone knows this but I am taking on a big challenge on Thanksgiving Day with my future sister-in-law, Christina, and her friends and running in the Turkey Trot. To be honest, I am completely scared. I have not run that far in years. Christina just finished a half marathon in October, and I want to try and do a mini-tri this spring/summer. We all know I have motivation to lose weight and be healthier. Food is my worst enemy, I love it! Thankfully, I just have a horrible metabolism so I'm trying to do some things to boost that a little since I sit at a desk 8+ hours a day.

I know, I's just a matter of doing you're best and getting healthier, but darn it I just pray I can do this. I've practiced 3 days a week for four weeks now and I still can only do about half of it, but I guess next Thursday will tell. I plan to still continue with the training since you're actually supposed to do it for 10 weeks, but we'll so how Mother Nature lets me. My plan is to run two days a week in the winter and cross-train with some Zumba or something else.

I'm curious what do those runners out there suggest for cross-training workouts and give me your best iPod songs! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

A great weekend with the best girls

My best friend and "Twin" Kelsey Pope and I after ordering the dresses.
Over this past weekend I got to see all but one of my bridesmaids as we went to pick out bridesmaids dresses. I was so so so so excited to see everyone, have everyone meet and get started on the wedding planning process. Up until this point, my mom and I have done everything without anyone else involved so I have been waiting for the "less than a year" countdown to say it was okay to do some other things.

Here's the lowdown of the girls' side of the wedding party:

Maid of Honor: Julie Kirmer, best friend and Mary Kay director
Bridesmaid: Kelsey Pope, best friend and "Twin"; she's also my Theta sorority sister from K-State
Bridesmaid: Ashley Olson, best friend from the 3rd grade when I moved to Hiawatha
Bridesmaid: Hannah Nelson, best friend from college, AFA and Mary Kay
Bridesmaid: Katelyn Landrum, best friend and true southern belle from Florida and also fellow National ACT officer
Personal attendants: Mallory Sheeran, best friend from the 3rd grade also
                               Christina Holmes, groom's sister and personal dietitian (hee, I may need to use her now!)

We were also supposed to go check out the reception place at the Platte County Fairgrounds to see if they'd let us do what our vision is, country vintage, with an antique chandelier, tons of candles, purple linens with burlap runners, old barn wood planter boxes with mums, old everything, but the guy didn't even show up! That stinker...guess we'll have to wait until after the first of the year to do all that. 

I saw this dress back when I picked up my veil in early October (thought you'd get a sneak peek of the actual dress didn't ya? Nope not taking any chances until I walk down the aisle with my dad!)

Sorry you have to view it from the side, it is being weird!
Turns out it is a mother-of-the-bride dress and I was told there would be no way we'd be able to get it for all my bridesmaids come November. I thought, "Yah right, you're David's Bridal for goodness sakes, you have tons of these somewhere." Turns out thankfully, all my girls loved it, it all looked fabulous on each one and they could get it!

Now it wouldn't be my wedding without a little bling and glitz added to it so when Julie and I head to Dallas next summer we'll be hitting up Sam Moon for some fabulous drop earrings and a brooch to accessorize. We are also thinking of wearing brown boots underneath...we'll just have to see what that looks like once the dresses come in!

Here is the link to the actual website if you'd like to check out the dress...

Until next time with another great update in the life of a Lipstick Cowgirl, have a great one!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We're family...

I just got back from the St. Joseph area K-State alumni dinner this evening and all I can think about is family and my time at K-State. I try not to get too nostalgic and sappy reminiscing about my college days, but it's hard when you're surrounded by so many great people who genuinely care about you.

From my own family...(bahahaha which both Leander kids will be K-State grads despite the dismay of our Nebraska family.)
The Leander clan at Christmas 2008.

To my Theta sisters...
Room 12 gals during Theta recruitment, circa 2005.
To my College of Ag family...
Colleg of Ag Ambassadors Retreat Weekend Tailgate, September 2006.
One thing is for certain, we certainly know the importance of giving back. I was amazed tonight at our St. Joe event by how many loyal alumni there were in our area. The St. Joe group awarded $1,850 in scholarships tonight, one for every high school senior in the area attending K-State next year. That's such a gift to students! We truly care about carrying on the family, the legacy of our Wildcats.

Oh and P.S. as my good friend and fellow alumnae Crystal Young mentioned in her blog,, us Missourians need to speak our mind about allowing K-State alumni in Missouri the option of the same plates Kansans  have to support our alma mater (mind you I still faithfully pay KS taxes so I can have my K-State plate on the front until Missouri does this or I have to change my name). Well, we think our wish will come true. Amy Button Renz, director of the alumni association, said tonight they are in the works for getting Missouri ones! I believe mine will say "Chesnut" come next year!!!