Monday, November 29, 2010

The run of my far

It.was.hard. I did finish; I walked a little, but I finished the 5K "Turkey Trot". It was also 19 degrees with a windchill of 6 degrees at 9 am on Thanksgiving Day.
Christina, Todd's sister, and I warming up in the casino before the run.
I also LOVED it. I felt so good after doing it. I thought it can't be too hard when the weather is actually tolerable. There were also hundreds of runners. I couldn't believe this many people really were into running.  And believe me all types of people, which gives us "beginners" some hope that we can eventually do okay at a race.

I finished in the last 25 percent I would guess. Christina and other friends I saw just blew me out of the water, but I know if I keep trying (I only had a few weeks of practice) and go to more races, I'll do better. Or as my brother said to me, "Well that's only a 10 minute mile Melissa!" Ha, coming from a marathon runner, I'd sure like to know his secrets! :)

And I finished!
Jessica Lackey, a good friend from Highland, wearing her T-day garb while running! She's such a sport!
I had a good time, felt great, and felt even better that I did some hard work before I ate lots of turkey!


  1. YAY!! Let's do one together!!! :) Proud of you girl!

  2. You are a stud! Way to go... And a 10:00 mile is awesome -- faster than me for sure!!!