Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm a lucky gal

This week has started off great! It actually, kind of, started Saturday when I was Todd's lucky charm for hunting. It was supposed to be my turn since he already got his biggest Missouri buck with his bow. We went out at 6 am to this little sweet spot perched up on top of a corn field looking down into a treeline and timber/CRP beyond that. Around 6:45 am, we spotted the first deer 125 yards down and I got the rifle ready. He looked into the scope, and literally said, "Oh, Melissa, can I please. He's a monster!" So being the "I-am-only-out-here-freezing-my-butt-off-for-you" gal that I am, I was like, "Go for it!" He  nailed him, and boy, I have not seen Todd that excited EVER. He was like a kid in a candy store. All he could talk about for 24 hours was that buck. Here is a pic of us back at the house. (And yes, I did wear real camo made for ladies!)

Unofficially, this buck scored 167. That's pretty good for where we live in Missouri.
I then had a great MK open house on Sunday with several very loyal and loved customers. I then headed to the annual Mayors' Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday night. This was the event I put together for two years while at Second Harvest Community Food Bank and remember quite well the stress of making sure 500 or so guests had a good time. It was done very well and at the end, after putting in one ticket, I won the wine and cheese basket from Cabot Cheese and Smooth Endings (our new wine specialty store in St. Joseph). We haven't opened the Cabernet yet, but I'm thinking Friday evening might be a good day.

Who doesn't love Cabot Cheese? It is so good! And a good wine is extra special with it!

I then scored my first "win" with working for CAP. I got Starbucks donated to us for the Partnerships Tour next week. Yes, that is quite small, but hey you have to start somewhere in fundraising!

And lastly, for this post anyway, Todd made me breakfast this morning! What a sweet guy! He's so good.

God is good! Many blessings this week to be thankful for!

Until next time...

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