Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We're family...

I just got back from the St. Joseph area K-State alumni dinner this evening and all I can think about is family and my time at K-State. I try not to get too nostalgic and sappy reminiscing about my college days, but it's hard when you're surrounded by so many great people who genuinely care about you.

From my own family...(bahahaha which both Leander kids will be K-State grads despite the dismay of our Nebraska family.)
The Leander clan at Christmas 2008.

To my Theta sisters...
Room 12 gals during Theta recruitment, circa 2005.
To my College of Ag family...
Colleg of Ag Ambassadors Retreat Weekend Tailgate, September 2006.
One thing is for certain, we certainly know the importance of giving back. I was amazed tonight at our St. Joe event by how many loyal alumni there were in our area. The St. Joe group awarded $1,850 in scholarships tonight, one for every high school senior in the area attending K-State next year. That's such a gift to students! We truly care about carrying on the family, the legacy of our Wildcats.

Oh and P.S. as my good friend and fellow alumnae Crystal Young mentioned in her blog, http://www.cdycattle.blogspot.com/, us Missourians need to speak our mind about allowing K-State alumni in Missouri the option of the same plates Kansans  have to support our alma mater (mind you I still faithfully pay KS taxes so I can have my K-State plate on the front until Missouri does this or I have to change my name). Well, we think our wish will come true. Amy Button Renz, director of the alumni association, said tonight they are in the works for getting Missouri ones! I believe mine will say "Chesnut" come next year!!!

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  1. Cute post! Wow - 2005 seems like so long ago. And great to see K-State alumni getting together. Excited to see you this weekend!