Friday, December 10, 2010

She's a sweetie

My niece, A, is the cutest five-year-old out there. I may a little biased, but she really is a sweet gal. I went home for a short visit to my parents in Hiawatha over the Thanksgiving weekend. A spent most of the day with her dad and had dinner with us. B and I then took her to the movie, Tangled, in Hiawatha. Oh my goodness, it had been YEARS since I had been in that movie theater. It makes you think of all the "teenage" things you did in the movies. I digress, but I couldn't believe not much had changed. It was still only $6.00 for an adult to go; $2.50 for a popcorn and no crowds. Ahhh, it was good.

This little guy was a hoot! He had me laughing the whole time! Reminds me of me sometimes.
Aa few years ago on Halloween. She's the cutest little witch!
I also have to be honest when my brother called to ask if I wanted to go with them to the movie that evening, I had a slight thought of "I am not sure I can sit through an hour and a half 'kids' movie," then I also thought, "Melissa, you are far from ready for parenthood," just as I thought my poor parents sat through hundreds of kids movies without I'm sure really enjoying most of them. I then realized I don't spend enough time with her nor my brother so why not. We went and it was actually really good. Graphics sure have changed since Cruela DeVille in 101 Dalmatians (the animated one) made me cry in the movie theater at 5. A cracked a few giggles, enjoyed her own napkin of popcorn and was quiet the entire movie. We had a great time, and I hope we can do it again soon.

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