Monday, August 2, 2010

Salsa, anyone?

No, not the dance, but the glorious food (is it really a food?) It should be in my house or even its own food category like fats or carbs simply because I eat it so much and on everything.

This weekend I attempted to make my own. Right out of my own garden in fact. I used my 11 tomato plants, 5 green pepper plants, 2 banana and jalapeno pepper plants and the only onion I could get to make 26 pints of it! I should have enough of the veggies to get another two batches before the end of the summer and maybe even attempt spaghetti sauce! Todd's mom is amazing at showing me how to make things from scratch. No discredit to my mom (she's an amazing cook) and my Grandma Doris and my Aunt Deanna (they are the best darn bakers ever!). I just don't get to be around them all too often anymore.

So I sliced, diced and prepped the stew pot plum full of the abovementioned veggies along with some vinegar, a little salt, cilantro from my garden, and a premix of spices to make salsa. That cooked for about an hour on the stove to stew down and smell so delicious.

Then I took steaming hot pint jars, filled them to the just right capacity, put on the lid and cap and alakazaam, it's ready! Well, not entirely,  I still had to put the freshly filled jars back into a hot soaking bath on the oven for another 30 minutes to seal.

Then it was ready, and oh, boy was it good! I hope the people from the office enjoy this as much as they do the "At-office farmer's market" lady!


  1. you should try to make chili sauce. My grandma makes some and it's awesome all you have to do to make chili then is brown hamburger and add chili beans.

  2. Hey Melissa! Love your blog... such a CUTE title!

    Mine's at Excited to keep in touch :)