Monday, February 7, 2011

It's all about the commercials

Well, our Super Bowl party plans didn't go exactly as planned. We usually get together with the whole Dearborn gang, eat lots of horrible-for-you food, drink a few beers and watch the game, er commercials during the Super Bowl. But, as I was pulling out the hot jalapeno popper dip and brownies from the oven, Todd calls on his way home from work and says he's not going. Well, that wasn't planned, at all! I miss my friends, and we do not get together enough, but I took one for the team (no pun intended) and stayed at home to nurse a sick boy.

It ended up being quite possibly one of the best evenings we've had. We had about an hour before the game when he got home, so I finished up my grad school homework and made the rest of the food since I wasn't planning on making a meal but had to scramble now that it was just the two of us and some begger dogs. We made chicken wings, crab ragoon, spring rolls and had my dip and brownies. All of it was homemade I might add! 

Personally the teams were just so-so in my book for who I cared about winning, but Jordy Nelson on the other hand made me root for the Packers. I LOVE him. He's such a good-looking, K-State grad who had a great game, even though he dropped a few passes. The Pack had a great game, and I'm glad it was a close game too.
Our very own K-State boy, Jordy Nelson!

Of course what is the Super Bowl without the commercials, the best part! Todd's favorite was the VW Passat commercial with the little Darth Vader. Mine also happened to be the VW commercial for the new Bug. It certainly cracked me up because I could seriously see myself with "Black Betty" blaring on the radio and driving like a maniac just like I always do if you were to ever see me on I-29!

**On a side note, I thought about my best friend, Kelsey, all day as three years ago on Super Bowl Sunday Ronny asked her to marry him! Makes me smile!

I hope everyone else enjoyed the evening with good friends and family and had lots of tasty food!

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