Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Bliss

We live a pretty simple life here in Missouri. Nothing too exciting nor boring. As I am sure you love to read about my weekend, here is how it went!

First, and actually a couple of weeks ago, I borrowed an idea from a sorority sister's blog and bought a calendar so Todd and I could plan out our meals. I had done this a week at a time, but this whole month thing has us excited for date nights! This weekend happened to be one of them. And it makes it so easy to know what to prepare ahead of time or shop for, and even Todd can help in the kitchen a time or two when I'll be late from work. Here is our little calendar on the fridge and our first meal made from the calendar, super yummy corned beef and cabbage with new red potatoes and parsley!

Our weekend was supposed to consist of building a Habitat for Humanity home in St. Joseph on Saturday, but as Missouri/Midwest weather would have it was freezing cold Saturday. So instead we still were outside for 4+ hours at an auction. This is one of Todd's favorite things to do, and he rarely buys anything but we were pretty stoked to spend $19 on a whole lot of stuff. Plus the people watching is to die for! Here is a pic of my $8 find (included in the lot of stuff was the buffet, two organizer shelves, about 50 cookbooks and about 100 children's books!)

I'll show you later what I'm going to do with this, but I am really excited!
 Then we went out for dinner and I had delicious shrimp! Yummmm!

We went to Mass this morning, made homemade pizza for lunch and I had a MK party with a good friend in the afternoon! Life is good and God is ALWAYS good and I'm very thankful for our very calm, quiet weekends together!

Oh, and Willie wanted to leave you with a little humor for your day! He's a pretty funny-looking guy (er dog!).

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