Friday, November 30, 2012

That's Where I Come From...

"Well I'm from a map dot

A stop sign on a black top,"

In the words of Tim McGraw, that's us in Dearborn, Mo. Most people have no idea where we live. Even those in St. Joseph, which is 20 miles up the road, have never heard of Dearborn. We often have to say, "you know the town between here and Platte City on 29?" Dearborn is a town of 496. If you've been to the Trex Mart gas station along Interstate 29, you still haven't seen the town. You have to drive a mile to the northeast to actually go into town. We have no stop light, no grocery store, no retail stores, yet we have a cafe, post office, and yes, a stop sign. We have little to no notoriety for much of anything. 

That changed a little yesterday with the announcement of the Hill family winning the largest lottery jackpot in Missouri history and second largest in the United States. All day there was speculation of who it was, maybe it was a passer-by like is most common in our only convenience store along the interstate. Yet, when we heard from local townspeople who they thought it was, we all got a little more excited. 

I don't personally know them, but Mark Hill graduated with my mother-in-law, and I've been told they are an incredibly good, wholesome family that deserves it. I hope they use it to take care of their family, save some, and do good with the rest. 

Yes, you might say, those of us in Dearborn have a little civic pride for being put on the map, finally. 

As a friend put it, "Dearborn has been Googled more today than in the last fifty years." 

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