Friday, July 30, 2010

Okay, I have a lack of committment...

Sorry guys! I don't know what my deal is with blogs...I love to read everyone's but write on my own. I'm going to try and be better. Take more photos. Have more thoughts and be more intellectual. Or I might just post some randoms! :)

So a recap of the months between February and uh, July 30th! Where has this year gone?

+Survived a bazillion snow storms this winter
+Paved a new career path with agricultural public relations at Nicholson Kovac in KC
+Finished my first semester of graduate school with a 4.0
+Visited the Pirtle Winery in Weston for the first time with my Junior League girlfriends
+Went on a fabulous float trip to Bennett Springs, Mo.
+Paid off two credit cards and my car in July
+Todd and I decided to start our own wine making and snatched some wild blackberries out of the pastures
+Thought I was getting a pool for my birthday, BUT instead...

And with that, I am ready for the weekend and checking out more churches to have our ceremony in! Wish us luck! 


  1. Love the blog, Melissa! Congratulations again on your engagement!

  2. Congrats. Your ring is really unique, so pretty. I am glad you are going to start writing again.