Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday!! The Big 2-9

Today is Todd's birthday! I thankfully spent 45 minutes with him today (unlike most days) so I could give him a little smooch and a birthday present. I wanted to surprise him just as he did me on my birthday last year (ok, so his way of going about my engagement ring was one of the best jokes EVER!). I got him a hilarious Hoops and Yo-Yo card that referenced "getting a great catch" which I think I certainly have with him. We are also going on our float trip tomorrow so I'm pretty excited about some trout fishing with my new pink fishing pole.

Oh, yeah I was talking about Todd's birthday, not fishing...I found this awesome Case/Farmall t-shirt that had a vintage look to it with the state of Missouri in the background behind the Case logo. I thought it was a pretty sweet throwback to the state I now live in and Todd loves dearly. I then gave him what he wants...a duck band wedding ring. You may be asking, "what is that?"
This is a photo of a true duck band ring.
This is a photo of one similar to the one Todd got. His is a bit
smaller in diameter but has the same wording with our
wedding date and names.

Well as all the websites have said for the hunter who has everything, which Todd really does, this is the best gift. He has said he wanted it for his wedding ring. It can either be a real duck band that comes off a duck or goose from the field that has been tagged, or you can have one made with your wedding date, initials, names, whatever you want on it and it still looks like a duck band. I opted for the later. Here is a picture of what it looks like from the artist (not really his ring, but you get the picture). Pretty cool, huh? At first I was like, "Oh no, that is going to look so hideous in our wedding pictures," but I came around and remembered that Todd spent some time looking for and money buying the type of ring I wanted, so I wanted to do the same for him. I'm kind of excited about it now. As I said in the card, it should be a reminder of our faith in each other but also his first love, hunting.

I hope he really likes it!


  1. Melissa, that is so cool! I bet he'll love it. I think I would even wear one of these. Jon is actually going to be wearing his dad's ring that has his grandpa's stone in it.

  2. Ok that is actually really cool!!!

  3. What a cool idea!! You're able to find think of such creative things!! Love reading your posts. Have a great week. Hope summer is treating you well!