Friday, February 3, 2012

Being Sick is Not Cool...

I have no idea why I have had an on again-off again series of mini colds this winter. It hasn't been anything too serious to keep me at home much, but it does wear me out and makes me think twice about things after work, which if you know me is not my usual way of doing things.  I am 100% busy all the time, and I thrive on it.

I have not had this much sickness since my freshman year at K-State when I had a bout of bronchitis in the fall and a sinus infection that lasted for months in the spring. I chalked all that up to living with a bunch of people in the dorms and in our sorority house. This year, I don't know if it's the weather not getting cold enough, or if I just have finally succumbed to the germs from all of our kiddos in the Head Start classrooms. I don't spend as much time in there as a teacher, but I'm in a classroom at least once a week.

This past week and a half has been the worst of it yet. I went home early last Wednesday with a major migraine and getting sick to my stomach. I pulled myself out of bed that night to go to my MK meeting and felt okay the rest of the week until Friday night after work as I was preparing some decorations and goodies for my bff's bachelorette the next day, I could feel my whole body shudder in pain and exhaustion. I thought I was getting the flu. I didn't get sick until Saturday at the actual party, which I am sad to say I left early. I hated that. I got sick on myself in my car on a 2.5 hour ride home. It was not pretty. Then I felt okay the rest of the weekend/early part of the week. I have been trucking along taking cold medicine religiously for a week. On Wednesday I went to Lincoln to meet with my cousin at a super fun party for a new director, Whitney James, who is a daughter of MK National Sales Director Stacy James. Such a great night...then Thursday hit. I  finally felt exhausted enough to not run, which rarely happens any more. I did get two small runs in the for the week already. Todd told me to try the netti pot, and it worked to clear a lot of nasty looking junk from my sinuses, but I still felt horrible. I went to work but knew I had to get to the doctor if there was any hope of making the trip to Arkansas this weekend for my bff's wedding.  I waited, waited and waited at the doctor's office. Got my scrip, took it around noon, and got sick from it. I went home and just slept. I took it again around dinner time after I made some chicken tortilla soup, and got sick again. I'm really trying to keep it all down so this darn medicine will work. I am still exhausted but here at work today. I hope I get some work done, a school paper written and packed to leave bright and early in the am for Arkansas. Pray I get some energy and health back. I need it the next couple of weeks.

On the bright side (kind of), we are getting rain! Finally!

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