Monday, February 13, 2012

Updates to 101 list...

I have a few updates for you from my 101 list plus a few other exciting things that have happened over the last couple of weeks!

1. Have not completed a blog post for each week this year, but I'm close!

11. I am this <----->; much closer to becoming a Team Leader in MK thanks to two lovely ladies joining my team in one week! Welcome Crystal (my cousin) and Katie (a friend from Hiawatha)! I cannot wait to see where your work and dreams take you in this company!

32. It wasn't exactly a production at the Robidoux Resident Theatre but I thought it was supposed to be there, so I'll let it count. Robin and I went to watch our friend Kasey in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang this weekend at the historic Missouri Theatre. It was a great production and so funny!

44. I am proud to say we now have four months of my salary built up in savings and have not even filed our taxes yet! I am more than excited to use our tax refund to pay off some student loans!

49. I contributed to the K-State Telefund this year and supported the College of Ag!

53. I did visit Derek and Christina last weekend while making a road trip to my best friend's wedding in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was amazing to see Joplin nine months after the tornado and still see the damage left. There has been a lot of progress, and they are just starting to break ground for the new hospital where Christina will work. I can't wait to go back in May to run the half marathon in honor of the day the tornado took 162 people from their families and friends. It will be an amazing day I'm sure! It was also nice to go down to visit Derek and Christina and have a little bonding time since we do not get to see each other all too often. The trip was a short getaway and fun to witness a new marriage full of second chances and new hope! So glad I could be a part of Julie and Nic's big day!

65. I also met with my one mentor here in St. Joseph for lunch last week and was so thankful to bounce ideas off of her related to our new campaign and event we are getting ready to launch here at work. I know the stress and work leading up to the events will pay off! I am also glad I have a friend who is that much more ahead of me in our line of work so I can ask her questions and get feedback on what I should do next.

68. I also am so thankful for how well my MK business has been going this year. I cannot wait to see where the end of the MK year goes, but I will be in Dallas celebrating another amazing year because of some very inspiring and lovely customers who make it all happen! I am so incredible thankful!

I think that is all for updates so far! I have a long ways to go...I'll be sure to keep you updated!

*Sorry there are no photos in this post for some reason blogger is not liking my photos today!

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