Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Go Time, Baby...

Bobbie Jo, a friend's sister, Bobbie Jo's friend, and myself at the Happy Camper Scamper
5K which was a trail run throughout MWSU campus.

Laura and I at the Rock the Parkway 5K. I ran a PR for this one! Thanks for pushing me Laura.

Alas, I guess I can finally let the dogs off the hook they aren't meant to be runners! Ha!
You can tell it's full on running mode for runners once it hits April 1. I've been thankful to keep it up throughout the winter thanks to the weather. I have to be honest the last two weeks have not been fantastic about my "training" schedule. I only have gotten in two to three runs a week. Yikes, considering my half is in four weeks TODAY! I'll get there though. This weekend is nine miles, and I HAVE TO DO IT! No excuses.

I have been obsessing lately though over running blogs and running gear and all sorts of things running. I think is this the time I can finally say, "I'm a runner". Maybe after my half that will feel more comfortable. But what makes you a "runner"? Is it just putting in the miles, week after week, month after month, like I have done for a year now or is it some distance you have to achieve in a race?

Either way, I am excited to see where this "running year" takes me and have three races already down. I ran the 10K in Manhattan on St. Patty's Day (race recap), a 5K in St. Joe in pouring down rain on April 7th and the Rock the Parkway 5K on April 14th.

One thing is for certain, I am getting stronger in my distances and running 3 miles does not scare me any more at all. Even running 6 miles doesn't scare me any more. We'll see how I feel after 13.1 in May! It's Go Time Baby!

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