Thursday, August 30, 2012

To be a Southern Girl...

Ever since our trip to the South for vacation, I have been ooohh'ing and ahhhh'ing over all things monogrammed. I was explained that proper etiquette for your name once you are a Southern married woman is to take your maiden name as your middle name. Who knew?! Needless to say, I've been putting my monogrammed things as MCM not MCL. I did not change my middle name when I got married, and I'm not sure I would. My middle name means quite a deal to me, too. Marie is my given middle name and it has been the Christian name for every lady in my lineage for seven generations. That's a big deal! I have a beautiful gold necklace from my great grandmother with a beautiful "M" monogram for that very reason.

But with all that said, some days it's just fun to get lost in all the monogram craze that my friends have sucked me into! Like these:

Door Initial Monogram Shabby chic style You choose color and letter 

Black Monogrammed Penny Cross Body Clutch Bag

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