Monday, October 1, 2012

So much to update...too little time

Story of my life!! I'm going to give ya'll a run down of the last month instead of creating tons of blog posts. I tend to write too much anyway. Here it goes:

1. I started a new J-O-B on September 4th. That's probably the biggest news! I'm back at Second Harvest Community Food Bank. I love it! I work to get food into our food bank, and that's my job to work with producers, food manufacturers and the like to increase our food donations! Fun times. Check out my legit page above!

Photo courtesy: Second Harvest Community Food Bank
Pictured above are the great folks from Apple Market in St. Joseph. They donated 28,000 lbs.
of food for our corporate food drive challenge, Food Fight in September. 
2. We have slowly been finishing projects around the house. We are putting a roof on half the deck. We are waiting on the spindles to come in for the rest of the deck railing. I am painting our entire bathroom at the moment a great purple color. Next is new lighting and a new medicine cabinet/mirror and vanity.

3. I've been super busy with Mary Kay! Great problem, right? I had a $1,000 day in September. Holla, to being that much closer to Queen's Court of Sales! I also was crowned the Queen of the Star Consultants at our last quarterly event and picked out a free black patent leather bag for my prize.

4. Todd got a new truck. Spoiled...but it's a pretty one. It's a 2012 white Chevy Silverado with everything on it.

5. I'm almost finished with training for my second half marathon. This weekend was 9 miles, and it's only two weeks to go until race day!

6. I'm trying to figure out some health issues I've been having lately with my upper GI tract. Prayers please for some relief and comfort.

7. Lots of exciting news happening lately with new baby announcements. We'll have a busy spring, no doubt!

Group of us friends at the Eric Church concert. Rocked my world!!
That is all! I'll also post this week an update to my 101 list!

Until next time...

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