Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My fall love...

I've found two new loves this October while reading blogs and following new things on Facebook. I'd like to consider myself a lover of media, especially social. I find some of the coolest things because of being "plugged in". Check these out:

First up, A Tad Monroe. What an awesome concept...they post items on their Facebook page for auction bid, and those who comment first, win, and pay the specified price. Nothing is too expensive, and totally adorable!

Here is how you purchase items for their auctions.
A few of the items up for grabs last night!
Next up, Three Bird Nest. Gorgeous accessories that are so girly. Because of following them on Facebook,
I scored some awesome things at 50% off this week on their Etsy site and website. I love supporting small businesses too. Seems very retro and vintage...
An example of the cute headbands from Three Bird Nest.
*~*What are some of your unique boutique shops you like? Please share them in the comments.*~*


  1. Hi Melissa! I saw your blog link on facebook and thought I'd check it out. I noticed you are doing a 101 in 505 project, and I'm going something similar but mine is 101 in 1001. I love seeing what different accomplishments people come up with.

    Hope all is well, and I'll see you in a few weeks at our meeting!

  2. Thanks Megan for following me! Do you have a blog? I did the 101 in 505 because I thought by next year we would probably need to consider a new list if a baby was to be. We'll see! :)