Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spreading the Love...

I am a small business owner, therefore, I understand the power of networking and word of mouth from customers. In fact, just this past weekend I had a fabulous facial/makeover with a referral from a friend. It is refreshing to meet some new people in the new year.

I hope to "spread the love" in future months too, but without further ado, two of my friends:

First, I am often asked who does our photos or who would be a good photographer on my Facebook feed, so I oblige and happily tell friends they will find no other more creative, natural, easy-going photographer than Laura with Laura Benitz Photography

Without words, her work can transform you to a number of emotions. Like this one, just watch...

She will forever have captured the moments in our life that I hold most dear. Like these...
That special walk with my dad and the sincere emotion of marrying the man of my dreams
surrounded by God's love and our family and friends. 
He is my love!
She and I are working on a few things together, and I'd like to formally announce she is my preferred vendor of choice when talking to brides while working my Mary Kay business as well as taking our (and future family's) photos. If you'd like to contact her please check out her website or call Laura at 816-676-8054.

Next up is a friend whom I have only met a couple of times from our ties to agriculture, but she is a great friend of my best friend (small world, huh?) through their careers. When my best friend, Kelsey, had her Christmas cards done this year, Claire helped her design them. I was in need of a few things designed for my business and asked if anyone would be willing to help. Claire jumped on the chance, and I am so impressed by her skill and timeliness. I didn't give her much notice, and she still delivered a great product. I am definetely going to use her much more in the future for design help with postcards, graphics for this blog, and other things that a creative eye can make. Please let Claire know any of your needs, and she is your girl! 
The cute button she made for one of the blogs I am featured on. 
Claire Masker can be reached at

**These recommendations are in no way a paid advertisement on this blog. Simply, they are a few of my good friends with small businesses whom I love to spread the love and word about if you're in need of ideas for the future.**


  1. OH friend, I'm sitting here crying at work! Beautiful pictures by Laura! I can also vouch for Laura as being one of your bridesmaids that she is so fun and personable when she worked with us at the wedding! Also, I'm so glad Claire was able to connect with you...she does a fab job!!

  2. Thank you, both Melissa and Kelsey, your kind words truly made my morning brighter. xo, Laura