Friday, January 21, 2011

I think I'm ready

So I'm not the most amazing web designer (actually I have very little skill in design, but I can do some things with a CMS website), but I've been pouring over this wedding wesbite, courtesy of, for months making sure everything is spelled correctly and sounds grammatically correct. Who am I kidding, even though I have a degree in journalism, it will still probably have some errors.
We also found out this week our wedding is during Irish Fest in Weston. That's a HUGE party for most people in our area, and hotels don't exactly give blocks of rooms out during it either. Turns out, it's a good thing I called well in advance (I'm such a planner) and found this out. The NASCAR race is October 8, so Weston pushed back Irish Fest for the weekend of our wedding. It's a great thing because there will be plenty of things for our guests to see and do, yet a nightmare trying to find places to stay. We have found some good hotels though. 

So to not keep you in suspense any longer, our wedding website is

Be sure to look out for our Save-The-Date cards coming in the mail soon!

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