Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meet Little Miss...

One of my best girlfriends, Jodie, had her little baby yesterday. I had other things I needed to do at home that evening since life is slowly getting away from me with 30 days left until the wedding, but I thought things like this are what matters and I need to make the trip to see her. I am so glad I did. I spent 2 hours with their friends, Jack and Jill, Jodie's husband, Lee, Jodie and the newest little O'Brien, Miss E.

She was so cute, so adorable, everything you hope, pray and wish for in a little girl. I am so incredibly happy for the O'Briens as they have two other boys and this little princess completes their family. She is so loved already and will have the best time growing up in this home. Almost makes me want a baby now, ahhh, what am I thinking?! Maybe I'm slowly coming around to the idea of having a child, but we'll see what God allows to happen...

Isn't she darling?!

Her newest babysitter, Melissa!

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