Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That One Phone Call...

It's my Wordless Wednesday post (sort of wordless I guess) brother left on Labor Day to serve our country for 9+ months overseas. I'm not supposed to divulge his location online so I won't. It was a beautiful, absolutely gorgeous day for him to leave. I thought this is going to be great to capture some photos. I should have known my brother was up to something. He showed up looking like a tourist (no uniform) at the airport! this is the one photo I did get of him. I was pretty upset when I missed his phone call this week after he had already been gone a week. He said he has to wait an hour in line to use the phone and it made me feel horrible to be at work and to of missed him. I guess we'll just need to stick to Facebook to talk to each other.

Here he is, nothing short of being his usually "ham" self. We'll miss you Bud and pray for your safe return.

In other news, I'll share some more posts tomorrow! I thought I should stick to the brevity of Wordless Wednesday for a reason.

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