Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This last month...

It has been a busy month, but it has been lots of fun seeing friends and family and planning the last minute details of a wedding.

On September 17th, my running partner in crime Hannah and I ran a 5K in Gower, Mo., (her hometown), for a lady who died last year and taught with Hannah's mom. Hannah did such a great job in the race, and her brother, Lance, and I ran pretty well and I got an even better time than I have before. I have one more race before the wedding on October 9th, and am excited to share some results from the last 6 months of running.
Hannah and I at the Donna Ruoff Memorial 5K Race
Possible bathroom vanity and sink
The next weekend was Todd's bacehlor trip to Bennett Springs, Mo., so I stayed behind and worked on some house projects and went to a wedding of one of my college roommates. I painted one wall purple in our bathroom and am debating on painting the rest as I don't want it to be too dark in the room. It doesn't have any windows, so I thought I'd keep the painted wall as an "accent" wall and paint the others a soft beige color. Todd thinks this is so silly, but when I tell my girl friends they think it's perfectly acceptable. Hmmmm....I also want to take on the whole bathroom reno this winter with a new tile floor, updates to all the lighting and fixtures and add this new beauty with an oval mirror/medicine cabinet above it. The one I'm looking at is a bit larger than this, but same color and everything.

I had a wonderful time at Danielle's wedding seeing lot of Theta sisters I had not seen since college plus spending time with Danielle and her new husband, Tyler. I got lots of ideas for my wedding, too. On Sunday, my good friend, Robin and I, used my Groupon to venture out on a beautiful day to the Jowler Creek Winery located about 10 minutes from my home. It was a fun outing before our Junior League social and great to sample their delicious wines. If you ever get the chance to come to our neck of the woods, first let me know, and then I'll take you on some wine tours at our fabulous wineries around Dearborn/Weston.

Robin and I at Jowler Creek Winery north of Platte City, Mo.
Robin and I then went to the new Charming Charlie's store in St. Joe for a Junior League fundraiser. I had a blast picking out gifts for our wedding helpers and it helped our League. I hope we do it again in the future.

Finally, this catches us up to speed of the last week of September. I am trying to wrap up large work projects before the wedding, plus finish a wedding, get ready for school to start again, and continue my projects for Junior League. Oh, and I am so so so busy with Mary Kay right now, which I absolutely love and am very thankful for!

This is Hwy. 59 leading into Atchison. The area is still so full of water and it is devastating to see the houses and farms that this flood took.

I went to Atchison (THANK YOU FOR OPENING THE BRIDGE!) on Friday and got our paperwork started for our marriage license. I then stopped in one of the best places to grab lunch, remember Willie's? I grabbed lunch there and it was so good as always. I did some shopping at Nell Hill's which you've all heard me talk about too and got some great gifts/wedding decor. This will be another winter project I am going to tackle...isn't it awesome?! It will go great with what I hope we can find for a new sectional.

This is a burlap/antique license plate ottoman
Todd was gone again this past weekend as he was in Wyoming with Jared hunting antelope. I stayed behind and worked on crafty stuff Friday night, had to work at the Josephine Expo Saturday morning and had my bridal shower on Saturday with Todd's family (That's another post later this week!). It was such a beautiful, fall weekend and am so excited it is now October and the countdown is really I just hope the leaves stay and are even more pretty in 10 days!

Finally, here is Todd's trophy from his hunt. It is the largest antelope he has shot thus far, and he was pretty proud of it.
Todd's Wyoming Antelope
Can't wait to catch you up on all other things soon!

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  1. Busy Busy Girl! Glad to see things are all going so well and proud of you and your races! I seem to be gone on weekends that I want to run races!

    Love you, twin!
    PS - The nails are purple and ready for the big day!