Monday, November 21, 2011


Thanks to a very nice wife Todd got to go to a Chiefs game for one of his wedding gifts from me. I wanted to get good seats and we ended up getting 17th row in the "red zone" section. I struggled with which game to choose as I knew we would have a good chance at beating Miami, but then the Denver game would prove to be a hard-earned fight, so which one do I pick without ruining the surprise for Todd? I picked Miami for fear the weather could get worse the later in November we went. I picked up a few shirts on Friday before the game at Gordman's so we would look the part too.

We traveled down on Sunday morning around 10 and got to the stadium just in time to enjoy some of the smells, mostly, and sights. I would love to go to a Chiefs game and just tailgate like we did so many times for K-State games without even going into the stadium. Oh it smelled so good! It was a beautiful day. Almost a bit hot for a sweatshirt. Our seats were great. You could actually read their jersey numbers or hear what they were saying on the field.

It was also military appreciation day. I cried a lot that day. From the ceremony of bringing the American flag onto the field, to the Airman (lady) signing the national anthem, to a family being reunited right there at Arrowhead. They also paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars from Kansas and Missouri. I cried again when a man from Holton came on the big screen and his family was sitting right behind us. That hit a little too close to home, and I pray every day my brother stays safe and he comes home safely to us.

The game ended up being a horrible loss for the Chiefs, but it was fun being able to spend time together since we do not get to often and do something we normally would not spend money on. We sure hope the Chiefs become a little better before we decide to go to another game.

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