Monday, November 21, 2011

"We appreciate ya"...

It's been a little while. I check my Blogger feed every day, but I can't seem to strum up an exciting post, so I don't. I guess I should just do it even if I don't feel it's very exciting.

I wanted to share a couple of things from our honeymoon. We were originally going to travel to Colorado the week after our wedding. Good thing we decided to go south instead as they had almost a foot of snow in Colorado the week after our wedding. Instead, Todd surprised me with a trip to Florida! My best Southern girlfriend, Katelyn, was my best scout so I asked her where we should go. Of course she picked the Mexico Beach area since her family spends a lot of their summer in this gorgeous "Forgotten" coastal area. We actually stayed at WindMark Beach, which is where Katelyn married Kyle a few years ago when the place was brand new. We could not have picked a better place to stay. It was quiet since it was the off-season and a perfectly, relaxing getaway that was not too cheap but not too expensive. We left during the middle of the week because of Todd's work schedule and mine. We stayed through Saturday night. I could have stayed forever. I wish the weather was a bit more Florida-style but I took the 65 degrees in stride and made the best of a few runs along the beach in the morning. Nothing beats that view. We had the most outrageously good seafood and had enjoyed having no set schedule to do anything but explore Northwestern Florida and enjoy each other. Oh, and they really like to say "We appreciate ya" instead of "thank you". Oh, I love Southern people! Here are a few pictures:

We hope to go back next year to enjoy the HOT, turquoise blue water in July and catch up with Katelyn and her family while fishing for some king mackerel or red snapper!

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