Friday, December 30, 2011

I'll give it a try...

As you may notice a new background and banner on my blog, I also have a new listing on the left hand side. Taking some inspiration from friends who completed the 101 in 1001 or the 3 in 30 challenges, I thought I'd create a 101 in 505 challenge for myself. You may have heard of the Day Zero project. It is actually a pretty cool concept with so many other people doing it. You can get lots of ideas here.

The 101 in 505 challenge for me are goals, trips, things I want to try to do in the next 505 days starting on January 1, 2012. Why 505 days you ask? It is a little over a year and three months, and I guess I would like to accomplish a few things before another life changing event happens for us. I gave myself a little cushion with three extra months, but I'd really like to accomplish most of these in a year. They are not far-fetched goals like traveling to Europe (which would be nice again!) but things I have to stretch a little bit for but are doable. Many of them are tied to doing something with or for friends I do not see or talk to often, so that is another bit of inspiration to accomplish them. I hope you'll keep me accountable by reading my blog (top thing to do on the list!) or ask me how it is going.

Cheers to a fabulous New Year for you all!


  1. Great idea on the 505 and love the new background. Happy New Year, twin!

  2. Love #14. You can do them all!