Monday, January 9, 2012

So Far...

So far in the first week of 2012, I have gotten a few things started on the 101 list.

Prepared my arsenal of books for the year (I will not count the 7 books I have to read for this last semester of class). Some of the fun books range from fundraising to board development to a little history of Jesse James. I bet you're thinking who is this eclectic reader?! I need to add a few more, but those should get me started.

I started scrapbooking our wedding/engagement thanks to a wealth of goodies from our friend Lauren. This scrapbooking hobby would not have happened if it were not for her generosity of so many fun things that were not cheap to buy I'm sure. I have two pages down!

Katelyn and I are trying to plan a little "running" getaway for me to come to Florida. I really wish flights weren't so expensive!

We are getting started a little sooner than I thought on Todd's car savings. He paid off his truck early! I am proud of him as I know how I felt to have my last car paid off early, and it feels good to save money for when you may need it! Hopefully his isn't the day the new title comes in like mine was!

That's it so far, but I feel like that's pretty good progress for the first of 2012! Have a great week!

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