Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Hannah, me and Justina at the finish line of the Apple Blossom 5K

Most of my friends on Facebook have known or can see that I've been using the Couch to 5K app on my iPhone to train for another 5K. I love it! It tells me exactly when to run/walk and plays my songs. It's actually not too hard either. I started the first part of March and ran my race this past Saturday with two great friends. I am so thankful to Hannah, Justina, Brandi and Jessica who helped out with the Apple Blossom 5K since the proceeds supported the Junior League and our projects to help women and children.

It was a gorgeous day! It was about 83 when we ran at 9 am. Hannah and I were both nervous about the huge hill on Frederick Ave. I had been practicing on some pretty good hills in my training so I thought I probably could do it, and I did! I made it all the way, but looking back think maybe I should have walked a bit of it (or maybe not, who knows) so I wouldn't of had to walk some during the race. I was disappointed I had to walk some, but I'm praying if I keep going I'll eventually be able to run a full 5K.

Hannah did an amazing job for only practicing 5 times up until the race. I improved just a tad from my first 5K back in November. Turkey Trot 2010

My goal is to finish five 5Ks before October just to keep pushing myself to stay in shape and feel better about myself. I already got back on the training wheel with an early morning run yesterday, so here's the race #2!


  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!! You go girl, keep it up! WildKAT Chase on your list?!?

  2. Oh Kels, we should do that! Pat should come too if she can! :)