Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Gorgeous Weekend

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous!

We've been planting a lot in our garden and now have: sweet corn, tomatoes, giant jalapenos, red, green, yellow and banana peppers, radishes, onions, spinach, lettuce, green beans, snap and sweet peas and my favorite, cilantro, basil and oregano! There will be lots of work to be had this summer!

Some of the lettuce coming up
We also have started to slowly spruce up the house with landscaping. (Which is a whole other story as Todd just got an itch to possibly buy a real house!) I decided to save some money and take our time, we'd do one side of the house each year if we continued to live there. I bought these beautiful bush/flowering plants for the beds already in the front of the house. I bought a few annuals for the porches and it looks pretty good! It was nice to spend almost two whole days working outside with Todd on these "home" projects. The dogs were thrilled to be outside for such a long time, until the Miss Tillie Mae decided it would be fantastic to roll in a dead snake and smell so so so bad! Ughhh that dog!

Early Sunday morning was the last day of spring turkey season in Missouri and Todd as anxious to get me my last bird for my last tag. He had already got both his birds in Missouri and both in Kansas so he was tagged out. We really didn't think there was much hope until we heard a turkey a long ways off gobble. I said, "I might as well packed my lunch for how long we'll have to wait on him to come over here." Sure enough, that tom must have been pretty interested because he came from at least a half mile away. It was so fun to spend a lot of time this spring with Todd doing what he loves!

He was a really nice two-year-old!
I finished my semester of grad school on Sunday and am waiting to see my grades. I believe it was a 100% for both classes, which would be so satisfying to know how much hard work I put into the classes is really paying off. I have just a summer, fall and spring left! I think once it's done and over with I'm sure I'll get an itch to go back to school but at this point I'm not thinking a PhD is something I want to do since I want to stay in the field of nonprofit work and not be a teacher/researcher. We'll see I guess!

We finished off the weekend with a little BBQ at his parent's house. I had the day off on Monday thanks to Harry Truman's birthday. I spent the day around the house and had a fantastic evening with girlfriends in the Junior League at our last meeting of 2011 at EmChamas. I left with a "food baby" as one friend called it. It was delicious!

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