Saturday, June 9, 2012

Heavenly Surprise in the Mail...

I shop a lot online and through friends who own an at-home business so we keep the mail man, UPS man and Fed Ex man pretty busy. Each time I get a Mary Kay box for my own business, it's like Christmas. I also get this cute little box below each month called BirchBox. I found it from a recommendation from The Small Things Blog as she is a professional hairdresser and I love beauty products too. The concept is really cool. You pay $10 each month to get samples (they are pretty large samples) of beauty products and then you get "points" to redeem for a discount on the full-size products.

While I don't buy the skin care or makep products (and not that they are bad but I'm a MK girl through and through), I do adore the body and hair products. This month was the best yet!

In the box, I received a favorite of mine because of my MK business, the Beauty Blender brush cleaner. This is THE best brush cleaner you will ever use. I clean my brushes a lot, obviously, and it keeps them looking great.

There was also a couple of self-tanning towlettes that I am excited to try as I'm really laying low from the sun as much as I can; a leave-in detanlger and defrizzer from Number 4 which I desperately need in the summer; and a lip and cheek stain from theBalm. There was also a cute plastic bag they recommended using for your airport security bag, which I'll need for our trip to Florida. All in all, a great sampling this month!

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