Monday, June 4, 2012

Home Reno Update...

 I have mentioned we live in an old farmhouse, right? Well, we do, and I wouldn't change it for a thing. At least not right now. It's nice that it only takes 45 minutes to make the house presentable to company because it is rather small. We have two bedrooms, one bath, a living room, kitchen/dining room, and laundry room. That's it...not even a basement.

I often complain as I wish I had more storage, but I learned this weekend that I have a slight case of OCD about clutter. I hate it. It has me thinking I'll use the organization blogs I read to make our space even more functional and tidy. What little we do have still bothers me as we had to consolidate all of it into the laundry room and kitchen for our newest home project: carpet in the living room and bedrooms.

The carpet comes today, Monday, and I am a bit melancholy about getting it. I wish our hardwood floors were in better shape, but what can I expect for a house that is 100-years-old and has mostly been a rental property for 30+ years? I also understand that since we have no basement, the floors would be incredibly cold in the winter. Yet, when everything was taken out of the rooms, it made me really appreciate the "oldness" of our house. I found a small piece of really old newspaper stuck on the floor. I learned from my MIL this past weekend that when Todd's grandparents bought the farm, the couple who lived there did not have running water! She used a hand pump in the kitchen, and this was in 1982! Can you imagine the stories that these walls could tell? *Sigh*

Here are just a few photos from our projects this weekend. There will be more to come.

New siding! Remember the old stuff found
in this blog post? Much better I think. 
A fun burlap wreath adorns our side door. 
A fresh coat of Cowpoke paint in the living room spruces things
up a bit. 
A pic of what is left after taking up the
carpet and pad.
Check out that character of the floors. *sigh again*

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