Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time to Celebrate...

Summer is my favorite time of year (and fall too). I don't like 100+ degree days, but really who does? However, I LOVE 80-95 degree days, and we've had our fair share of them lately. I love the heat to make you feel like you're working hard while working out or in the garden. I also have been a water baby since I can remember so I love swimming, lakes, rivers, fishing, anything with water.

We spent last weekend celebrating Todd's 30th birthday on our annual float trip to the Niangua River in the Ozarks of Missouri. We stay in Todd's parents' camper at Bennett Springs State Park and float with the NRO company. I think Todd's family has gone a float trip every year for 20+ years so they get really excited about it. We have to  have the perfect snacks, drinks, water toys, tunes and suit.

Here are a few pictures from our float trip:

Todd's beer cake that I got the idea from here
Some of the guys taking it easy in the river. Tony is pointing  to me to not take photos!
Todd and my catch from one day of fishing trout. We both caught
our daily limit in about 20 minutes!
Todd's mom, Jeff, and Laura enjoying a stop on the river. 
Showing off our fishing catch!
It was crazy packed on the river! Definitely an experience if you have
never been on a float trip!
Tony and Regina on another stop to enjoy drinks while on the river.
~~Do you all go on any fun trips with your family during the summer? If so, what do you do or where do you go?~~ 

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